Project News

In a recent video publication of the European Respiratory Society, distinguished medical researchers discuss the current difficulties and challenges in the misdiagnosis of asthma and focus specifically on the case of severe asthma as it relates to comorbidities and symptoms that significantly affect the quality of life of patients.

H&T Presspart has recently presented an new innovative design of Dry Powder Inhalers that is aiming to easier and cheaper manufacturing so as to increase the availability of inhaled medications in the developing world. The proposed design uses capsule drug cartridges, and consists of four plastic parts that are easy to manufacture. Furthermore, this innovative inhaler design promises easier and more intuitive use, supporting one of the main issues related to inhaled medication, namely the incorrect technique of patients.
MyAirCoach is committed in the same direction and has focused over the past two years in the facilitation and improvement of use for the Metered Dose Inhalers.