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In a recent video publication of the European Respiratory Society, distinguished medical researchers discuss the current difficulties and challenges in the misdiagnosis of asthma and focus specifically on the case of severe asthma as it relates to comorbidities and symptoms that significantly affect the quality of life of patients.

H&T Presspart has recently presented an new innovative design of Dry Powder Inhalers that is aiming to easier and cheaper manufacturing so as to increase the availability of inhaled medications in the developing world. The proposed design uses capsule drug cartridges, and consists of four plastic parts that are easy to manufacture. Furthermore, this innovative inhaler design promises easier and more intuitive use, supporting one of the main issues related to inhaled medication, namely the incorrect technique of patients.
MyAirCoach is committed in the same direction and has focused over the past two years in the facilitation and improvement of use for the Metered Dose Inhalers.

It is widely recognised that mobile health (mHealth) has the potential to transform the self-management of chronic diseases. For asthma, a chronic disease affecting 30 million children and adults under 45 in Europe, self-management remains a challenge due to poor inhaler technique and adherence problems.
MyAirCoach is a mobile health system that, connected to a multi-sensor based inhaler, measures not only the asthma patient condition and symptoms real-time, but also provides patients and healthcare professionals with information about the environmental factors that trigger asthma around the patient.

A myAirCoach delegation composed by CNet IHP and MyAirCoach coordinator CERTH, will attend CeBIT 2017, the largest Global Event for Digital Business that will be held in Hannover from 20th to 24th March. MyAirCoach was directly selected by the European Commission as one of the top innovator and will be featured at the EU Village at CeBIT.

News and updates regarding the event will be published during the event from the project's twitter account

To what extent physiological, behavioural and environmental data, obtained by mHealth and home-monitoring sensors, as well as patient characteristics, can be used to predict episodes of uncontrolled asthma and the onset of asthma exacerbations?

This is the aim of the observational study recently started at the clinical centres in Leiden, London and Manchester, which will involve 150 asthma patients in daily and weekly measurements.

You can read the protocol of the study here

European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) and the Non Communicable Diseases Alliance (NCDA) recently organized a regional meeting in Brussels to strengthen civil society engagement in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the WHO European region. European Respiratory Society has also supported the meeting as one of the founding members of ECDA underlining huge burden and difficult issues related to the respiratory conditions.

The IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (Link) will be one of the last events in 2016 for the myAirCoach consortium.
The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas/Information Technologies Institute (CERTH) will present on Saturday 17th December in Shenzhen (China) on “Numerical Assessment of Airflow and Inhaled Particles Attributes in Obstructed Pulmonary System” during the session “Modelling and Data Integration”.