Project News

Novartis has announced a partnership with Qualcomm Life, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, to develop a connected version of its inhaler, Breezhaler, for people who have COPD.
Specifically, Qualcomm Life will develop the reference design for the module that will connect the Breezhaler to the Qualcomm Life 2net platform, a hub for connecting home health devices. This platform will collect data on inhaler usage, including the duration of the patient's inhalation, which Novartis said indicates quality of the inhalation.

I am an asthma patient, or more accurately, an asthma sufferer really fed up of going to the doctors or the hospital because of my asthma. I’d much rather be on holiday, seeing friends and family; even just not worrying about whether I’ve remembered my inhaler or not would be brilliant!
That’s why I decided to join MyAirCoach project as a volunteer patient advisor.

On the 8-9th of July, EFA will represent myAirCoach consortium at the Responsible Research Innovation-ICT 2015 workshop. The workshop is a European Commission DG Connect initiative together with the RRI-ICT Forum Project.

The event will serve to identify challenges, share knowledge and experiences and build experiences in the domains of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), areas that are present in the H2020 programme.