Project News

Answering the need for a solution to adress misuse and adherence issues of COPD inhalers, 3M Drug Delivery Systems has introduced the Intelligent Control Inhaler, an intuitive, fully-integrated device that delivers accurate doses to patients, whilst providing on-screen instructions for use and feedback to the patient and health care provider via an app.

In the framework of the exhibition organized by the Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma in the European Parliament on 26th-28th of April, EFA (MyAirCoach partner and dissemination manager) is pleased to invite you to an event where the results from EFA multiannual project will be presented as they relate to the identifications of the actual reasons for adolescents’ poor adherence to treatment.

The world asthma congress has taken place this year in Madrid Spain. The continuous presence and increasing impact of the World Asthma Congress, underlines the importance of effective asthma management and reveals the importance of MyAirCoach objectives and innovation potential.

The Asthma Health project has been released alongside Apple's ResearchKit and aims at the creation of an innovative mobile phone application designed to facilitate asthma patient education and self-monitoring. In a recent development the Asthma Health project has been announced to expand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, taking an important step towards the promotion of mHealth technologies worldwide.

Standardization is a crucial component of the MyAirCoah solution as it promises the fast and efficient integration of our solution with the global healthcare environment. In a recent article IEEE has focused on the standardization of eHealth technologies and identified that there has been a surge in IEEE standards activities in the health-care field. A new e-health standard was issued to protect biometric data exchanged via smartphones and similar devices.