Third Annual Newsletter

22 Feb 2018

Please find here the third annual newsletter of the MyAirCoach project. 

MyAirCoach newsletter will serve as a fully accessible communication tool for the dissemination of important project news and the description of future steps. 

The third issue focuses on the main project achievements in 2017, with a particular focus on the finalized myAirCoach system which is almost a reality. In this past 3rd year, the project team worked intensively to fine-tune the latest details of the mHealth system for asthma self-management. The mobile app, the clinical platform as well as the smart devices are now tested by patients during the Evaluation Camapigns which started in Leiden, Netherlands. The myAirCoach approach will be tested intensively before the project ends, in June 30th 2018, thanks to a 6 month extension granted by the European Commission. 

Furthermore, the newsletter highlights important recognitions by the scientific community to myAirCoach, with the presentation on the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Congress as well as the participation to the 6th M App Competition 2017 that seeks the best App-based Medical Mobile Solution, and includes an overview of the participation of the project partners in external events together with links to project deliverables and publications in scientific journals. 

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MyAirCoach Third Annual Newsletter (February 2018)