Second Annual Newsletter

15 Dec 2016

Please find here the second annual newsletter of the MyAirCoach project.
MyAirCoach newsletter will serve as a fully accessible communication tool for the dissemination of important project news and the description of future steps.
The second issues focuses on the main project achievements in 2016, with a particular focus on the ongoing test campaigns (see also related infographic here ) and on the latest efforts in the creation of virtual lung models, and provides insights of the work done throughout the year by the Advisory Patient Forum for integrating the patient perspective in the myAirCoach system.
Furthermore, the newsletter highlights important recognitions by the scientific community to myAirCoach, with the nomination at the Innovation Radar Prize and the successful workshop organised at MobileHCI in Florence, and includes an overview of the participation of the project partners in external events together with links to project deliverables and publications in scientific journals.
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MyAirCoach Second Annual Newsletter (December 2016)