Medication adherence of young patients with asthma

Medication adherence of young patients with asthma

EFA (partner of the MyAirCoach project) has recently underlined the problems of medication adherence among young asthma patient taking the first step towards the formulation of a framework for solution of this critical issue of asthma management.

Results are somewhat surprising: health literacy doesn’t have a direct effect on adherence but rather influences the adolescents’ attitude, which, together with the daily impact of the disease, is the factor that can largely explain the variety of adherence. More specifically, forgetfulness and rebellion against doctors’ advice have the largest impact on adherence to asthma treatment (24% and 22% respectively). In some cases adolescents do not take their medicines when they feel better or just because they don’t take their asthma seriously or ignore the negative consequences they will face. Encouragement from other people, especially from doctors, also has an important impact on adherence to treatment (11%). At the same time young people with asthma trust their doctors, and state that they do not have a problem in confronting their asthma.

The proposed suggestions of the report have been also summarized in the following key points:

  • promoting multidisciplinary care coordination
  • developing tailored health information technologies, developed with young patients themselves to support self-management
  • empowering young patients and
  • conducting additional research to picture the long-term consequences associated with poor adherence

Please find the detailed report at the website of EFA and under the titleHEY YA! HEalth Literacy, Young Patients with Asthma and Adherence to treatment (Link)

A more detailed summary of the results and proposed suggestions have been also published in two recent press releases of EFA . (Link, Link)