CHRONIOUS addresses a smart wearable platform, based on multi-parametric sensor data processing, for monitoring people suffering from chronic diseases in long-stay setting. It is constantly monitoring their activity using audio observation methods and activity sensors while at the same time tracking their medical condition via vital signs sensors. Any trait of abnormal health status and possible alerting incidents are detected by CHRONIOUS Intelligence. The system generates alerts in case of invalid medical data or if current activity and behaviour lay outside the well established activity patterns and locomotion behaviour. CHRONIOUS proposes an adaptive and ubiquitous chronic disease management system that offers continuous monitoring to patients by using several sensors either in a form of a wearable solution or scattered in the patient’s living environment and a series of intelligent services to healthcare providers and organisations that aid them in the monitoring of their patients. An overarching goal of the proposed system is to underline and emphasize the partnership between technology-centred and human-centred sciences as technologies for sensing, computing and communications become increasingly ubiquitous.