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The 66th session of the Regional Committee of Europe of the World Health Organization has recognized air pollution as the most significant environmental factor affecting non communicable disease such as asthma.
MyAirCoach is leading the way in this direction by incorporating pollution measurements and predictions in the offered Decision Support Functionalities, allowing in this way doctors as well as patients to understand the connections of asthma with their environment.

In a recent video publication of the European Respiratory Society, distinguished medical researchers discuss their views about the importance of occupational air quality in the maintenance of respiratory health and more specifically in the prevention of asthma worsening.
The MyAirCoach project will cover this important parameter of respiratory healthcare, through the unified interpretation of the medical records of patients and the objective measurement of air conditions in the patients environment.

MyAirCoach partner AsthmaUK has published a report which provides interesting details about the technological transformations of asthma healthcare, and important insights into the future opportunities and challenges of this field. Even though the report is particularly focusing in the healthcare in the United Kingdom it combination with a concise summary of the global picture of asthma management allows the reader to understand the importance of innovative approaches such as of our project.

In a recent video produced by the European Respiratory Society, Dr Omar Usmani from ICL and one of the partners of MyAirCoach project, underlines some important issues related to proper management of respiratory diseases and introduces the MyAirCoach project as an innovative solution for the proper self-management of patients and the decision support of health-care professionals.

Dominique Hamerlijnck, a member of the MyAirCoach advisory Patient Forum, has expressed her views and opinions about the life of asthma patients and the solutions that she is looking forward. The article published on the MedTech website, underlines some important difficulties of asthma management and introduces the innovation potential of MyAirCoach from the patients point of view.

For more details please read the pushed article on the website of medtech (Link)


The ERS International congress underlines the importance of personalized medicine with a series of sessions that focus on specific difficulties of respiratory diseases the can be addressed on a personalized framework of healthcare. The MyAirCoach project is aiming in this direction through the use of modern sensing devices and innovative decision support methodologies that will help both patients and doctors to take control of asthma disease.